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Did you know: Reflexology for Better Bowel Health

Category : Reflexology Benefits

When your internal elimination system is not working its best, most people will seek out all kinds of different food or products that will claim to “ get your colon clean, fast”.
The fact is that most people feel very uncomfortable and full around the mid-section when the large intestine is not working at its best. Reflexology is a quick and non-invasive NATURAL THERAPY that will give you the relief you need and keep your body functioning and eliminating on a regular schedule.

A trained certified reflexologist will be able to detect the problem area and work the areas of the foot, hand or ear to clear the bowels safely and with little or no discomfort on your part. This may happen in the first session but most likely every time you see a reflexologist, there will be a cleansing of the bowels shortly after the session ends.

Most likely, there are other issues that relate to the backed up colon that the client has not yet linked together. As a reflexologist that has treated many clients for this specific reason, I also see on a regular basis the link between constipation and headaches or migraines and back pain. Once the colon is working and you are eliminating on a regular basis, you will see an improvement on all these other areas as well. Remember that the whole body works together. When one area is not working at its best, there may be other issues that have not been recognized yet because the connection has not been made.

There are many maps out there on reflexology and where specific parts are related to the body. All are generally in the same area and when stimulated by a trained therapist, you will see results quickly. The colon or bowels starts on one foot and ends on the other. In reflexology, the body mirrors itself on the foot. Most of the body is located on both feet but there are some major organs that are only on one side of the foot, just like the body. An example of this would be that the liver and gall bladder is on one side and the spleen is on the other side or foot.

Reflexology is all about the whole body working together to make sure the blood is flowing freely, the lymphatic system is eliminating all toxins and bacteria that has pooled in this clear fluid. We as natural practitioners are all trained to treat the whole body during a session because every system in the body works with one another, there is no system that is missed during a full session.