Reflexology Diplomas

Reflexology Diploma Options

A reflexology diploma can be obtained in as little as six months. Within this short time frame, you could begin a rewarding career in the health and wellness industry helping patients to overcome many ailments through the therapeutic practice of reflexology. Studying reflexology involves learning about targeted areas in the body such as the feet and hands to release stress and deliver a sense of wellbeing to patients. The natural healing ability of reflexology makes learning this alternative medical technique and receiving a reflexology degree a popular career choice. There are many reflexology diploma levels and programs available from accredited institutions in America, Canada, and the UK to teach the necessary skills and knowledge to advance in this field.

Studying for a Reflexology Diploma

While undergoing the required training to obtain a reflexology diploma, students will take a variety of courses in basic anatomy and physiology, holistic approaches, foot mapping, and health disorders. These classes are designed to help students to understand the body and relate these alternative medicine methods to heal and bring relief. When looking to enroll in a school for a reflexology degree, it is important to ensure the school is fully accredited by the Regional Body of Governing Reflexology Education. One agency that provides schools with accreditation is the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training.

Diploma Levels and Specialty Programs for Reflexology

The many different levels of diplomas and programs include Advanced Reflexology Diploma Program (ARD), foot reflexology, hand reflexology, and ear reflexology. Some of these programs can be completed through convenient online courses and home study. The ARD program gives students the certification to perform reflexology on the feet, in addition to other areas of the body. The other diploma levels, such as hand and ear reflexology certifies you to only perform this therapeutic practice on those specified areas. However, many reflexologists who are certified in specific body areas can combine all of their different certifications to work with clients. By obtaining the recommended reflexology certifications, students will learn how to help patients with therapeutic healing and be able to offer additional services to patients.

Reflexology Diplomas and Career Opportunities

Reflexology diplomas are becoming a popular career choice for individuals interested in the health and wellness industry. The field of reflexology is emerging now more than ever as a large population of people are looking for ways to escape daily stress, find alternatives to medicine, and live healthier and happier lives.