National Board Certification

The New York State Reflexology Association (NYSRA) is one of the largest reflexology associations in the United States. This is a primary association for the practioner in New York offering membership benefits as well as educational opportunities while keeping the practitioner aware of current reflexology news and events.

There are a number of Reflexology schools located in the state of New York according to the American Reflexology Certification Board. The ARCB is an independent and non-profit organization. Their main goal is to test and certify practitioners. The ARCB emphasizes that they do not accredit any of the schools. The ARCB testing recognizes a person, located anywhere in the United States, who has attained specific educational and skill standards within the area of reflexology. They distinguish the professional from the non-professional. However, their certification indicates a person has met national standards for skill and knowledge. Aside from this any future practioner must meet the laws pertaining to the area where the person practices. Presently there are only two states: Tennessee and North Dakota that have reflexology laws. Other states have laws that may or may not pertain to reflexology. A person living in New York should research information pertaining to their state in regards to certification.

The American Academy of Reflexology offers classes in reflexology all across the United States. Once the program is completed they offer a board certification in reflexology which can be achieved in any state. Another association, The American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET) provides educators and professionals mobility via a process of accreditation.

If you decide you want to pursue a profession in reflexology you must decide if you will attend a school or take workshops with classes that will lead to your ACARET accreditation. Classes accepted for this accreditation will include approved courses in anatomy and physicology as well as specific classes in reflexology. Once certified you will be required to complete 12 hours of continued education every two years.

The schools the ARCB listed have each indicated they require 100 or more hours of study before certification is issued. The Integrated Healing Arts offers courses in reflexology, as well as courses in other related areas. They also offer workshops and classes. Spirit Root Services offers similar courses aside from reflexology. The Shen Dao Institute is another school of reflexology located in New York. The Reflexology Seminars of New York offers similar classes as does the Omega Institute. The Oasis, the New York Open Center, and the Honor and Hope School of Holistic Studies also specialize in reflexology courses. Long Island Reflexology and the Laura Norman Reflexology Certification Program each operate similar programs. Other programs are available however they are all less than 100 hours or they are simply offered as stand alone workshops. The workshops can be accumulated and counted toward later certification.

The RCB is both a national as well as international certification board that was established in 2005 and is recognized by CLEAR (Council of Licensure, Enforcement, And Regulation). It recognizes the abilities of any person practicing reflexology who has completed an approved course of study, thereby demonstrating their level of education in the field. Three levels of certification are offered, based on the persons education and experience. RP, or Reflexology Practitioner, is the beginner level or for someone wanting to just work on friends or family. CR, or Certified Reflexologist, is the level for someone wanting to practice reflexology as a profession. MR, or Master Reflexologist, is the advanced level indicating a higher level of education as well as a greater amount of experience in the field of reflexology.

Anyone who has completed a reflexology course may contact The RCB to determine which level of certification they qualify for. If someone does not have any formal training, they may take the approved online course found on The RCB website. RCB certification is renewable annually and The RCB certificants are listed on the referral page of The RCB website. Schools, groups, and associations may also be recognized by The RCB.