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Study: Reflexology, Massage Reduces Labour Pain

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In a study done earlier in 2012, reflexology and massage were found to reduce labour pain and help manage that pain throughout childbirth. The research done on 326 women found that reflexology and massage administered to women in labour resulted in less pain compared to those who received regular treatments during labour.

Many practicing reflexologists will include customized sessions for their pregnant clients to address specific areas of the body, providing targeted treatments. Some have even found reflexology as a complimentary therapy to help the induction of labour itself.

Reflexology works to help improve the flow of blood throughout the body and has been used by many to help with pain management in general. Many women turn to reflexology for comfort during pregnancy as well. The research is ongoing and expanding, but the initial findings are encouraging for the therapy.


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World Reflexology Week

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Every year the reflexology associations and councils from all around the world make a coordinated effort to promote and spotlight reflexology. World Reflexology Week 2012 takes place during the week of September 23-29. Reflexologists worldwide will be providing extra information on reflexology as a therapy and a practice during this week.

The International Council of Reflexologists indicates that World Reflexology Week will benefit the therapy through knowledge and communication, they are quoted as saying:

“It will generate more health conscious minds, a greater understanding for holistic and complementary health care, and more successful businesses for today’s professional reflexologists.”

It’s a great time to give some further consideration to becoming certified as a reflexologist. If you are curious about an education in reflexology, look for special events in your area during that week and speak directly to certified reflexologists about their chosen careers.

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How Reflexology Works

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Most, if not all natural practitioners know that the body is all connected and works as a whole. When one specific system is not working at its best, the rest of the body is showing various symptoms of distress.

Reflexology works the entire body through the hands, feet and ear. This is a natural therapy that has been around for thousands of years, that alone should be recognized as a proven effective treatment that has amazing results and has been used in most cultures around the world.

There have been many well established practitioners that have had great, fast results using reflexology for a specific ailment or for general well being. There is no person that should not use reflexology, it is a safe, natural therapy that will help, not hinder any problem areas in the body. There are very little side effects of this therapy and will address any issues going on to relieve any symptoms that have caused problems in the present or past.

The hand, foot and ear charts have been around for years and many have come across them not sure of what this means. The body is mapped out through specific zones and  meridians. There are over 7200 nerve endings in each foot that are connected to every organ, body part and gland of the body. By applying direct pressure on the foot that corresponds to that specific body part, signals are carried through the nervous system to that specific part. Blood flow then increases which allows organs and glands work the best possible way for that specific individual. Lymphatic flow is running freely throughout, cardiovascular flow increases, all which is beneficial in keeping the body it top form.

A full reflexology treatment that is administered by a trained certified reflexologist will give you the knowledge that the body can heal itself, it just takes a little time and patience.
As an alternative therapist, we cannot claim to cure specific ailments but we see it every day in our practice and that is what gives us the drive to continue to practice and teach the amazing therapy of reflexology.

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Reflexology and Headaches

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Most of us experience headaches at some point in our lives. Unfortunately they are many that have these issues everyday and can be quite a concern when it starts to interfere with daily activities. There are several reasons for the onset of headaches, all which reflexology can address and relieve all related symptoms. Many people seek out reflexology specifically for headaches and once the initial consultation is done, the therapist will be able to point out where the problem lies in the body.

Most clients that try reflexology for headaches are very surprised at the symptoms they have overlooked in the body that are directly related to the specific pain they are suffereing from. Therapists need to know how other parts of the body are functioning to understand what is happening in the head. To get a clear picture, reflexologists have clients fill out a health record prior to the first appointment. This is extremely important for the initial understanding of the headaches and when they first appeared. This could be after an injury to any part of the back or spine, hormonal imbalances, severe constipation or chronic sinus infections. There are many points of the hand, foot and ear that can increase blood flow to the areas on concern to relieve pressure and pain in the head. A trained reflexologist will adminster firm pressure to these areas that relate to the body and begin to balance the issues that are present. The first or big toe on both feet are a very important part of the body. There are many hormonal parts in the big toe and need to have specail attention and more time stimulating when headaches occur. The colon or large intestine is definately a part of the foot that needs to be worked on firmly to release any blockages or constipation that may be occuring. When these problem areas are moving freely in the body, headaches tend to greatly decrease and most dissappear.

Reflexologists are trained to treat the whole body to work at its best possible way. This  differs for each individual since we all are not the same. There are key symptoms that therapists look for when a client comes for a specific condition and are knowledgable in all natural therapies that can help with the currant issue.

Although our bodies are made of the same parts, we all function on different levels. Reflexology is a great natural therapy that will leave you rejuvunated, reelaxed and give you a sense of well being. There is no age limit to reflexology and can be used on the very sick to the premature infant.