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What to Look for in a Reflexology Course

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When considering a course in the practice of reflexology you must consider the location of the school, the qualifications of the instructor, and whether the curriculum adheres to the standards for the certification examination. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve in your career as a reflexology and assess your particular interests in the field.

Speak with the instructor to assess their philosophy and area of technical expertise. Does the instructor have experience in the areas of reflexology where you want to focus your study? Be sure to ask about the curriculum with details about how many hours of coursework is devoted to each area of study. How long does the program take? Will you be able to match your schedule to the program? Compare the costs of the programs and payment policies. After checking references and comparing at least three programs, you should have a feel for which program is most suitable for you.

While some regions require a license to practice reflexology, most do not. Certification in the field of reflexology may not be necessary either; however, the certification provides a credential that assists practitioners in the development of their craft and their careers. Check with your region’s Office of Professional Licensing to verify your state’s policy on licensing for reflexology.

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