Reflexology and Headaches

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Most of us experience headaches at some point in our lives. Unfortunately they are many that have these issues everyday and can be quite a concern when it starts to interfere with daily activities. There are several reasons for the onset of headaches, all which reflexology can address and relieve all related symptoms. Many people seek out reflexology specifically for headaches and once the initial consultation is done, the therapist will be able to point out where the problem lies in the body.

Most clients that try reflexology for headaches are very surprised at the symptoms they have overlooked in the body that are directly related to the specific pain they are suffereing from. Therapists need to know how other parts of the body are functioning to understand what is happening in the head. To get a clear picture, reflexologists have clients fill out a health record prior to the first appointment. This is extremely important for the initial understanding of the headaches and when they first appeared. This could be after an injury to any part of the back or spine, hormonal imbalances, severe constipation or chronic sinus infections. There are many points of the hand, foot and ear that can increase blood flow to the areas on concern to relieve pressure and pain in the head. A trained reflexologist will adminster firm pressure to these areas that relate to the body and begin to balance the issues that are present. The first or big toe on both feet are a very important part of the body. There are many hormonal parts in the big toe and need to have specail attention and more time stimulating when headaches occur. The colon or large intestine is definately a part of the foot that needs to be worked on firmly to release any blockages or constipation that may be occuring. When these problem areas are moving freely in the body, headaches tend to greatly decrease and most dissappear.

Reflexologists are trained to treat the whole body to work at its best possible way. ThisĀ  differs for each individual since we all are not the same. There are key symptoms that therapists look for when a client comes for a specific condition and are knowledgable in all natural therapies that can help with the currant issue.

Although our bodies are made of the same parts, we all function on different levels. Reflexology is a great natural therapy that will leave you rejuvunated, reelaxed and give you a sense of well being. There is no age limit to reflexology and can be used on the very sick to the premature infant.

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